Bed and Breakfast between Normandy and Brittany

Les Collectionneurs


How much does it cost to stay at the castle?
Price varies according to room: from €260 to €340 for 2 people
What type of accommodation can I book at the host house?
4 bedrooms and 1 suite all with private bathroom and WC
How can I book a stay at the hotel?
Online on the website, by phone 02 99 97 47 86, or by mail at chateau@la-ballue.com
What are the arrival and departure times?
Arrival 2pm. Departure 12pm.

Services & Features

What services does the establishment offer?
Breakfast, bar, tea room
What facilities are available in the hotel's rooms?
Please visit our Rooms page to discover the facilities available.
Est-ce que les animaux sont autorisés au sein de l’établissement ?
Oui, sur demande préalable
Are pets allowed on the premises?
Yes, by prior arrangement. The Suite de France and the Perse room are suitable for children.
Is the hotel romantic?
Yes , VERY romantic
What services are available for couples?
Honeymoon package, private spa/sauna, champagne


How do I get to the facility?
Personal car, taxi.
Does the hotel offer an airport shuttle?
Is it easy to park your car on the property?
Yes, private parking within the château walls
Is the facility close to the city center?
Countryside location
What cities are close to the plant?
Rennes(40 kms), Saint Malo (45 kms), Combourg (15 kms)


Does the establishment have one or more on-site restaurants?
What kind of breakfast does the establishment serve, and at what time?
from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Special requests can be accommodated.
What restaurants are nearby?
We have a list of restaurants available in the area and can provide information for our guests.

Leisure / Discovery / Tourism

What activities are available on the site?
Visit the remarkable gardens, heated swimming pool in season, outdoor hot tub, sauna, walks to the château pond, pingpong.
Does the establishment have a swimming pool?
Yes, one outdoor heated swimming pool
Is there a Jacuzzi in the rooms?
No. The jaccuzi is in the gardens, which can be made private.
Does the establishment have a fitness room?
What are the major activities and attractions in the area?
Visit Mont Saint Michel, 20 minutes from the château, the bay of MSM, Saint Malo, Cancale and the Emerald Coast, the medieval towns of Dinan and Fougères, Combourg castle (Chateaubriand). Please visit our dedicated page.
What are the most popular sights in the area?
Mont Saint Michel, Château de Combourg

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