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5 – A luxury hotel in Normandy

Normandy, a wonderful region to explore ...

This enchanting area is one of contrast and comfort, with its rolling green meadows, forests and towering cliffs. If you are a nature-lover, you will love exploring the countryside of Normandy as well as its beautiful beaches, monuments and world-famous historical sites, its delicious cuisine and culture.
Aerial view over the château de la Ballue
Bedding and decoration of the Perse Room at the Château de La Ballue

Luxury hotels

Are you planning a stay at a luxury hotel? You will find many of them in Normandy, as well as a range of different experiences, visiting historical sites, walking through the beautiful countryside, perhaps horseback riding and walking through magnificent gardens. And the cuisine is nothing short of breathtaking.

Château de la Ballue, a historical and architectural jewel

A not-to-be-missed stop is at the famous Château de la Ballue, dating from the 17th century and offering charming, spacious guest rooms, each furnished with period detail and fabrics. There are many activities available at the Château and the surrounding area, and your stay will definitely be a memorable one.