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Places to visit near the Château de la Ballue

The château de la Ballue is an ideal base from which to plan a visit to Mont Saint-Michel and its beautiful Bay.
The Château de la Ballue, in close proximity to both Normandy and Brittany, is a perfect starting point for visitors who wish to explore the many tourist sites in the region.

Saint Malo

Saint Malo, an authentic pirate city, is also a fortress city which has never been conquered. Home to the famous pirate Robert Surcouf, Saint Malo remains synonymous with adventure, sea travels, pirates and yachting.
Saint Malo also hosts some of France's biggest maritime events such as the Route du Rhum and the Transat Québec/ Saint-Malo.
The tides in the Bay of Saint Malo are some of the most impressive in all of Europe, capturing the interest of many visitors.
Lovers of the ocean will be enchanted, dreaming of sailing here and far away. Check out the beautiful beaches of Saint Malo as well, where long walks at sunset are magical and the brisk sea air a delight for all.
And then there is the islet of Grand Bé, where you may pay your respects to the great French writer Chateaubriand, a native of Saint Malo. Other not-to-be-missed sights: the national Fort, the Etoile du Roy (a pirate frigate), the well-known ramparts and the Aquarium.

For more information :
Tourism Office of Saint-Malo : www.saint-malo-tourisme.com
The Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo : www.aquarium-st-malo.com
The Etoile Marine : www.etoile-marine.com
Site listing the tide tables in Saint-Malo : www.grandes-marees.com