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Places to visit near the Château de la Ballue

The château de la Ballue is an ideal base from which to plan a visit to Mont Saint-Michel and its beautiful Bay.
The Château de la Ballue, in close proximity to both Normandy and Brittany, is a perfect starting point for visitors who wish to explore the many tourist sites in the region.

Mont Saint-Michel

ACTUALITY 2014 : Welcome to Mont Saint Michel, with new access. 
The bridge will be openned and Mont Saint Michel will become an island.

HISTORY: An immersion in ancient history, set to the rhythms of the great tides of Europe ...
The site is a world renowned landmark and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979. Its many living spaces, the medieval street, the cemetery and of course the great Abbey are all classified as historical monuments.
Major renovations and rebuilding are underway at the site to make the site an island again, further enhancing it and its surroundings.
Each year, 3,300,000 visitors come to Mont Saint Michel – while the city itself has only forty inhabitants – to admire this masterpiece built between the ocean and the sky.
Mont Saint Michel, built on a rock, has been described as one of the Wonders of the West. It is surrounded by remarkably well-preserved 13th century fortifications.
From the first moment you step inside the enclosure at Mont Saint Michel, you step back into history.
The first monastic establishment at Mont Saint Michel was built to honor the Archangel Saint Michael in 709, on a granite rock, which over the centuries has spread out over several acres.
Among the jewels of this medieval city, we recommend visiting the parochial church, a 15th century edifice dedicated to Saint Peter, the uniquely different museums, the Abbey, its refectory, its cloisters, and the first Abbey, Notre Dame Sous-Terre. You may also contemplate the incomparable beauty of the Bay as well as the countryside and the Atlantic Ocean flowing around the Mount, later descending the path by the ramparts strewn with pretty flower gardens – or the patrol path.
Mont Saint Michel is a cultural and heritage icon as well as a spiritual refuge, housing the Brothers and Sisters of the Monastic Fraternity of Jerusalem.
Visitors will be fascinated and moved by the fervor and spirituality of the site and its inhabitants.

For more informations :
Tourism Office of Mont Saint-Michel : www.ot-montsaintmichel.com
Center for National Monuments : www.mont-saint-michel.monuments-nationaux.fr
Monastic Fraternity of Jerusalem : www.abbaye-montsaintmichel.com
UNESCO : whc.unesco.org
Walks across the Bay : www.decouvertebaie.com
New rules for entering MSM: the parking lots are situated at a distance of 2.5 kilometers, access is on foot or by ferry. For more information : www.accueilmontsaintmichel.com
Tourism Office of Pontorson : www.mont-saint-michel-baie.com