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Places to visit near the Château de la Ballue

The château de la Ballue is an ideal base from which to plan a visit to Mont Saint-Michel and its beautiful Bay.
The Château de la Ballue, in close proximity to both Normandy and Brittany, is a perfect starting point for visitors who wish to explore the many tourist sites in the region.


Facing the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel in the Manche department, Avranches is the city appointed to guard the priceless books and medieval manuscripts of Mont Saint Michel, and the Scriptorial is the place to go to look at these masterpieces. There is also the Saint Gervais Basilica and its treasures, including the relic of Saint Aubert's skull. He was the bishop of Avranches, who founded Mont Saint-Michel in the 8th century. And you must visit the Jardin des Plantes with its panoramic view of Mont Saint-Michel.

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