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Musical show "The Young Love"

From 15 € per pers.
29 May 2022

Texts by Jean de la Fontaine said by Christine Bayle. Music viola da gamba Marianne Muller

“Young Love” at the Château de La Ballue

We are happy to inform you of the coming to the Château de La Ballue of the musical show “Le jeune Amour” in two humorous, dramatic and tasty tales by Jean de La Fontaine : “La Matrone d’Ephèse” and “La Courtisane amoureuse”.

The two artists of the first Baroque movement, Christine Bayle, actress, and Marianne Muller on the viola da gamba, stimulate the scabrous situations, with subtleties and allusions to “La Matrone d’Ephèse” and “La Courtisane amoureuse” in intertwining the texts with the music of Ste Colombe,  Marin Marais, Hume, De Machy, Dubuisson, Abel, and a piece by a talented contemporary composer, Bruno Giner. 

In a gallant and ironic tone, La Fontaine scratches our certainties, promises and ready-made truths, and in doing so joins the discreet but present project of his friend Molière, to improve the human race. The choice fell on two dramatic love stories, the two tales by Jean de la Fontaine. We know the Fables well, much less the Tales, which are real news with action, suspense, and twist…

Show accessible on reservation, in the salons of the château de la Ballue.

• Entrance €25 full price
• €15 for students and 10-18 years old
• Free for children under 10 years old


Show accessible on reservation.

• Entrance €25 full price
• €15 for students and 10-18 years old
• Free for children under 10 years old

More informations by calling +33(0)2 99 97 47 86 or by email [email protected] or on www.laballuegarden.com


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Groups welcome in the Gardens

From 7.50 € per pers.

As a travel agency, a tour-operator, an association or a children group, you can program a group visit in the Gardens of La Ballue. The gardens of the casstle of la Ballue are listed as Historical Monument, and have remarkable garden and quality tourism labels. Botanical collection of boxwoods approved by the CCVS in 2018.

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Honeymoon at Chateau de La Ballue

From 300 € per night

For your Honeymoon or your wedding night, come to discover the castle life at  Château de La Ballue. 

A unique and exceptional world in the heart of the Couesnon Valley ideally located between the Mont-Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo, for a romantic night...

"The Gift of Château de la Ballue..."

If you are looking for an original gift, here's a great idea: come to visit the Gardens of La Ballue, stay in one of the sumptuous rooms in the Château and enjoy our wonderful breakfasts and our outdoor spa …


We can also prepare a lovely personalised gift for you in accordance with your wishes.

For all Gift occasions, please contact us at [email protected] or +33 2 99 97 47 86.

Vidéo of Château de la Ballue

Discover the new video of Château de la Ballue, closed Mont Saint Michel...

An amazing place to stay, an authentic and confortable castle, with friendly atmosphere, closed Mont Saint Michel and Saint Malo, in Brittany.



High ranges in Mont-Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo

The Chateau of La Ballue, located just 30 minutes from the Mont-Saint-Michel and 1 hour from Saint-Malo, will be the ideal place to spend a stay between Brittany and Normandy and to come to benefit from a splendid sight.

Indeed, about twenty times per year, the highest tides phenomena takes place in Mont-Saint-Michel to give it again its insularity.

The high ranges, higher to 100, promise a spectacular show only during 4:30.


This phenomena takes place also in Saint-Malo.


The Book: The Gardens of La Ballue

33.50 €

This is the first book entirely dedicated to the beautiful Gardens of La Ballue. It is hardbound, 144 pages, has 150 photos, is in both French and English. The authors are Yann Monel, "Images et Sens" and Marianne Niermans for the texts, and the book is published by P.H. Verlhac. It is sold at the store on the site and also in bookstores.

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