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Vacationing in Brittany

Discovery and delight

To vacation in Brittany is an ideal opportunity to discover a region rich in tradition, with a magnificent and varying landscape, including verdant meadows, windswept coasts, charming villages – and of course one of the richest cuisines in France, with its galettes and great platters of fresh shellfish. The Château la Ballue is conveniently located between Normandy and Brittany, a 17th century historical monument which offers you a peaceful, yet sumptuous place to stay. 
Aerial view over the château de la Ballue
The Mont Saint Michel

The French countryside

When you come to Brittany, you will no doubt be stopping at the Bay of Mont Saint Michel, checking out the "pirate" city of Saint Malo, the towering cliffs and historical sites and the wonderful views  -- all the way to the tip of the Finistère. Afterward you will want to relax in the sumptuous setting at the restored Château de la Ballue. Famous for its gardens and its numerous celebrity visitors, this 17th century château offers several lavishly appointed rooms, furnished with period detailing, each with a private bath. 

A true vacation

You will find so much to do in Brittany, which is why you should consider staying at the Château de la Ballue, an ideal stepping-off point for all the activities of the region. You will enjoy the tastes of Brittany, its famous buckwheat galettes and cider, its dairy products, its renowned platters of fresh shellfish. And you must visit the mystical forest of Brocéliande, as well as the historically important cities, Dinan, Dinard and Saint-Malo.