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A hotel by the ocean in Saint Malo

Saint Malo, a pretty coastal area

Are you drawn to the ocean, in any and all seasons? Come to Saint-Malo and be astonished by the beauty of this region. All your favourite nautical and marine-based activities are available, and of course you must visit the forts and the walled city and the shops in the narrow streets. And don't forget to visit Grand Bé and Petit Bé, the tidal islands!
View over Saint-Malo
The walled city of Saint-Malo

Travelling back through time

While walking through the streets of Saint Malo, you will of course see the Grande Porte, the great Cathédrale Saint-Vincent and the famous Château of Saint Malo. You will also enjoy the peaceful beauty of the fortified tidal islands Grand Bé and Petit Bé and the tomb of the writer and diplomat Chateaubriand. Don't forget to visit the Grand Aquarium and walk along the blissful beaches nearby. And in the meantime, listen closely to the tales of the pirates and corsairs, how they preyed unmercifully on British ships.

An ocean-side hotel in Saint Malo

But to fully enjoy these stories, you need to be based at an exceptional hotel. We suggest a stay at the excellent Château de la Ballue, located near Saint Malo. This 17th century monument offers sumptuously appointed, comfortable guest rooms. And feel free to explore the château and its renowned gardens, where other secrets may be hidden. Enjoy the beautiful setting in the verdant hills and valleys of the region.