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A hotel by the ocean in Normandy

Normandy, a Viking stronghold

Once upon a time, this land was a stronghold for valiant Viking warriors, but nowadays it is only a hop skip and a jump away from Paris! When you come to this charming region, you will appreciate its thatched cottages and flowering gardens, as well as the clean country air. Normandy is a verdant countryside of rolling hills, an area where you will find delicious fruits and cheeses as well as seafood, special salts and spas and a range of important historical sites including the D-Day beaches and the famous towering white cliffs.
The Chateau de La Ballue from its gardens in winter

A hotel by the ocean

A vacation at a charming hotel near the ocean will certainly be memorable. But how about staying at a prestigious château dating from the 17th century? The Château de la Ballue, a majestic château overflowing with historical and architectural secrets, offers you an equally unforgettable experience. You will be close enough to the ocean to visit beaches and dunes and the old ramparts as well as the gorgeous gardens of the château and its comfortable, luxurious rooms.

Out of the ordinary vacations

When you are in Normandy, you have a wide range of available activities: feel free to take several long pleasant walks in the meadows and over the gentle hills, looking at the charming manor houses spread out in the countryside. There is also horseback riding, golf, fishing, swimming, spas. You will also get to try the delicious local cuisine and the world-renowned dairy products of the region.