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A hotel by the ocean in Brittany

A wonderful stay in Brittany

Step back into legend and history in Brittany. During your stay in this fascinating area, you will hear many interesting seafaring tales of pirates and ships, and you will be intrigued by the fortresses and lighthouses spread out across the pink granite cliffs. There are magnificent views of the ocean and of the surrounding countryside
The Château de la Ballue's entrance
View over the Mont Saint Michel

Charming hotels with an ocean view in Brittany

You love the sound of the waves, the seagulls in flight, the seaweed, the salt spray, the beautiful beaches. You love walking along the dunes and along the wide cliffs. Come to one of the pleasant seaside hotels in Brittany and explore the region and the famous Mont Saint-Michel, visit the lighthouses and monuments that are part of France's history.

Relaxation and the sounds of the ocean

Enjoy the beaches and temperate climate of Brittany where you may simply relax or enjoy the many pleasures of the region. In your long walks along the dunes you will see the charming houses with their private access to the beaches, the picturesque fishing ports and the luxurious spas and resorts. Come to Brittany for an unforgettable vacation!