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A romantic hotel in Normandy

A wonderful romantic destination

The two of you would like a romantic getaway? You want to walk through nature while enjoying the pleasures of great food and a sumptuous, romantic place to stay? Normandy offers you the pleasures of both the ocean and the countryside, including those slow amorous walks on the beaches of Deauville or shopping for historical trinkets and gifts in Rouen. Or perhaps you'd enjoy a languid spa weekend at Bagnoles de l'Orne. Normandy is an all-season destination for couples --.
Bed and Breakfast in Brittay, Bedroom with a canopy bed at the Chateau de La Ballue close to Mont Saint Michel
The Château de la Ballue's entrance

A romantic vacation for two

Looking for a quick yet romantic getaway? Come to the enchanting Normandy region and enjoy a pleasant, peaceful weekend at the spa, leaving your daily cares far behind. Then step into French history at the magnificent Château de la Ballue and its remarkable formal gardens, and enjoy some of the excellent local cuisine.

A romantic hotel

The Château de la Ballue is an architectural and historical jewel, with lavishly furnished guest rooms ideal for couples. Long walks in the magnificent gardens of the château, horseback riding, fishing, golf, and depending on the season, performances by world-renowned artists are offered for your pleasure. And we must not forget the delicious local cuisine, ranging from simple country cooking to culinary masterpieces, locally sourced and absolutely fresh. This is an ideal visiting spot for couples!