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A romantic hotel in Brittany

A special experience for a couple

Are the two of you looking for a fun getaway, some new things to do? Come to Brittany and discover the hidden charms of the region, the simple pleasures of great food, fun activities and some interesting sightseeing. You will be walking in the footsteps of the great King Arthur and the legendary village of the Gauls, and you must of course visit the other historical and prehistorical sites, such as the famous, mysterious stones of Carnac!
Aerial view over the château de la Ballue
Dinard's mansion

A romantic hotel

What is better than enjoying a delicious dinner using of regionally sourced foods after a long, lovey-dovey walk on the beach? Maybe it is going back to the beautiful Château de la Ballue to sleep, this 17th century historical monument and its lavishly furnished yet immensely private guest rooms. And how about walking hand-in-hand through the world-renowned formal gardens of the Château?

An unforgettable vacation

Do you love the idea of spending some quality time with your better half? Are you thinking about exploring someplace new? Come to Brittany, where there are so many things to do: a long horseback ride to watch the sun setting by the ocean. Or whisper sweet nothings to each other in this romantic, peaceful setting. Stay at the beautiful Château de la Ballue, an absolute architectural jewel as well as a historical 17th century monument.