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A luxury hotel near Mont Saint Michel

The Bay of Mont Saint-Michel

The dramatic landscape of the Bay of Mont Saint Michel and its magnificent Abbey is one of France's most visited sites. More than 3 million visitors come to the area every year, some of whom climb to the summit of the great rock. But many of them are not aware of the beautiful Breton and Norman countryside a mere few kilometers away, which is a pity. There is so much to see and do --
View over the Mont Saint Michel
Aerial view over the château de la Ballue

Nature at its best

The land near Mont Saint Michel is composed of hills and valleys, woods and beaches, both varied and rich. And a mere 20 kilometers away from the bay of Mont Saint Michel the savvy visitor will come upon the elegant Château de La Ballue, an architectural jewel in a rich green setting.

Charming guest rooms

This magnificent 17th century château has been fully renovated and has welcomed, among others, Victor Hugo, Chateaubriand, Honoré de Balzac … as well as other contemporary writers and artists. It offers four elegantly furnished rooms and a suite, each decorated differently, with canopy beds and private baths. You will want to explore the other rooms in the château, among them a music room, a bar, a game room for the kids, a smoking room – and of course the famous Baroque formal gardens, visited by thousands of people each year.