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Guest rooms in Saint Malo

A historical and architectural jew

Built in 1620 by Gilles Ruellan, and situated between Saint Malo and the famous Mont Saint-Michel, the Château de la Ballue has welcomed several important celebrities, among them Honoré de Balzac, Victor Hugo and Alfred de Musset. This historical monument is also known for its extraordinary gardens, some of which have been recreated in the mannerist style, both contemporary and mysterious – an ideal spot to vacation, to explore the area, and to learn more about the history of the Château de la Ballue.
Bed and Breakfast in Brittany - This is the Chateau La Ballue with it's famous gardens.
The walled city of Saint-Malo

Bed and breakfast in Normandy

All of the spacious guest rooms at the historic Château de la Ballue have private bathrooms and are furnished with elegant period detailing and fabrics. In the château you may visit the many salons and the Baroque Italian gardens as well as the breathtaking classical gardens à la française. The view from the château is splendid, a 360º panorama of rolling hills and valleys, There is even a game room for the kids as well as a sauna located in the gardens.

A real vacation

Located only 48 kilometers from Saint-Malo, the famous Château de la Ballue offers luminous, comfortable guest rooms, each decorated with unique period detailing and fabrics. You will visit the many salons dating from the 17th century, following in the footsteps of the celebrated historical figures who have also stayed here over the years. Come to Normandy, visit the famous gardens of the Château, discover the surprising topiary art and the magnificent landscapes surrounding the grounds of the château.