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A charming hotel in Saint Malo

Saint Malo, an uncommon region

This charming ocean-side area is a great place to visit at any time of the year. If you want to experience the soft light of the region, to explore the tidal islands, the remains of the walled city, the great forts and the narrow alleyways, it is perhaps best to come in the spring or the summer. And in the winter, it is a wonderful time to explore the ramparts of the city, which were fortified between 1693 and 1695 -- against the British!
Chateau Hotel La Ballue - Gardens with the
The walled city of Saint-Malo

Unforgettable moments from the past

When you are walking through the narrow lanes of Saint Malo, you will immediately see that this eloquent coastal area still carries the marks of the time of the great sailing ships, more precisely the ship captained by the famous Jacques Cartier, who discovered Canada in the 15th century. Saint Malo holds many secrets, among them many lost tales of the corsairs and pirates who over the years looted enemy ships for the King, keeping for themselves a third of the treasure they'd acquired, of course.

A charming hotel near Saint Malo

You will need a base from which to begin your explorations of this extraordinary area. We suggest the magnificent Château de la Ballue which is situated only a few kilometers away. Your stay there will be unforgettable. We invite you to explore this historical monument and its world-renowned formal gardens, as well as its comfortable, luxuriously appointed guest rooms.