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A Bed & Breakfast near Mont Saint Michel

An extraordinary landscape

The rock rising above the Bay of Mont Saint Michel and the Abbey of the same name draw more than 3 million visitors per year, admiring the striking landscape and the tides which regularly cut off its access to the mainland. The commune of Mont Saint Michel hosts as many as 20,000 visitors at a time, but only 25 people – including the monks – may spend the night on the Mont. And there aren't a lot of hotels up there --
Mont Saint Michel by night
View over Normandy countryside from The Gardens of La Ballue

Beautiful countryside

The countryside in Normandy and Brittany is a lovely rolling expanse of hills, woods and valleys – and the places to stay are easier to find. Less than 20 kilometers from the Bay of Mont Saint Michel is the magnificent Château de la Ballue. This pale granite 17th century building has been thoughtfully restored and now offers fine, well furnished guest rooms.

A step back in time

These luminous, sumptuous guest rooms at the magnificent Château de la Ballue have welcomed prominent literary celebrities such as Balzac, Châteaubriand, De Musset, Victor Hugo and many others. They too enjoyed walking through the elegant gardens and admiring the topiary art so popular at that time.